RoccoBarocco Jacket in Jeans and Red Velvet


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Rare jeans and velvet jacket designed by stylist Rocco Barocco in the 1990s, fine Italian manufacture. ORIGINAL LABEL AND PROMINENT LOGO.
The jacket has a short cut, at navel height. The sleeves are long and very soft, with narrower cuffs.
The collar is stand-up collar, short, with a decorative stripe at the edge with grey stitching and red velvet, this stripe is reminiscent of a snake due to the alternation of red and grey. Below the collar is the stylist’s name stitched in grey on the jeans.
To close the jacket, five grey metal buttons are arranged in a vertical row. Around the shoulder and below the stylist’s signature is the very elegant red and grey decorative stripe.
Beneath this are two small pockets at breast height, from which the jacket’s star decorative element departs: a red velvet ribbon that ends with a super fashionable bow.
At the end, framing the file of the jacket again is the snake stripe.
This jacket is very special and it is precisely. eccentric personalities that it suits.

Made in Italy


Size: 38 EU (42 IT)


The RoccoBarocco jacket is in original and good vintage condition, there are no rips or wear. As it is a VINTAGE garment it may have very slight defects.

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