Sculpture by Antonio Del Donno Untitled, Signed



Signed sculpture by Antonio Del Donno from 1989, numbered. This is 14 out of 20: 14/20. The sculpture is entitled Untitled. Made with a travertine base. Under the travertine base we find the artist’s signature and numbering. The entire work is made of hand wrought iron. In fact, the artist as a true Italian craftsman manipulates iron and wood to make his works: thus in 1972 the “Gospels” were born, reclaimed wooden boards, glued and with iron hinges, bearing on them with fire-printed characters verses from the Gospel of strong admonishing symbolism. His philosophy is well perceived by observing the entire body of works: the Light Containers, the Cutting Boards, the Gospels and the more recent works, which ironically recall the world of advertising and criticize the consumerism and superficiality that often surrounds us. He combines gestural painting with objects, always seeking a symbolic deepening of the images. This very large work is ideal for art collectors and art houses.


Height: 36,5 cm (14,4 in.)

Width: 29,5 cm (11,6 in.)

Depth: 8 cm (3,15 in.)


Slight flaws but in good condition. Discoloration and scratches

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