Set Othello series by Wingen Solingen


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Magnificent and eccentric set of cutlery made by German manufacturer Wingen Solingen from the 1970s. The set is from the famous OTHELLO series, where it is also noted by its mark on the knives. The set was then offered for sale by the prestigious Milanese store Mejana in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, The set in fact is in its original box signed Mejana Milano. The set is as follows: 6 cutlery, 6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 teaspoons, 4 dessert forks and 1 thin cheese knife. The beauty and quirkiness of the set comes from its eccentrically crafted handles. The cutlery is all steel and signed by its manufacture. In some cutlery we find a small brass insert in the tip of the handle. The set is ideal to complement dining tables set in a cabin or mountain-chalet homes, and for daring collectors of cutlery.

Dimension Box:
Height: 15.75 in (40 cm)

Width: 13.78 in (35 cm)

Depth: 3.94 in (10 cm)


Very Good

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