Torlasco and Leonardi Vintage Chandelier for Lumi


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Gorgeous ceramic and brass chandelier with adjustable lights designed by Oscar Torlasco and Leoncillo Leonardi for the fine Italian manufacturer Lumi in 1952. The chandelier, designed by Torlasco, is composed of a patina brass regent stem, which connects to the central body of the chandelier completely made of ceramic and cylindrical in shape. The ceramic made by Leonardi is coloured in shades of yellow, red, blue and green, giving an everlasting elegance. Connected to the ceramic central body are 10 tubular brass elements in patina, supporting brass cones, which serve as the base for the 10 lamps, which are very elegant. The lampshades are adjustable according to the need for light. The chandelier is truly a rare and elegant piece, an art piece. The vintage chandelier is ideal for decorating any area to which you want to give a touch of elegance and extravagance.


Height: 85 cm (31.5 in.)

Diameter: 80 cm (33.47 in.)


The chandelier is in original and very good vintage condition, light scratches consistent with use and time. Brass in patina. We always recommend to have the cable changed by an expert to fit modern and local requirements. Being a VINTAGE object it may present difects.

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