Valentino Vintage Bracelet in Gold with Stones


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Rare Valentino gold bracelet, from the 1990s, made in Italy. ORIGINAL LABEL AND BRAND NAME. The bracelet is very soft and its skeleton is made of gold-plated metal, with two woven serpentines, which are joined at the end by gold-plated snap hooks with the Valentino stamp. The bracelet is adorned with two stones, one red and one green, framed in a gold circle, very charming and regal. In the middle is a small representation of a rhinoceros, with tiny clear cubic zirconia, two small green stones and one large red one. Prominent element. The bracelet is suitable for any situation that puts it in the foreground, given its elegance.

Made in France




The bracelet is in good and original condition, with no rips or wear. Being a VINTAGE garment it is possible that it may have some flaws.

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