Venini Murano Glass Chandelier with Eight Lights


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Stunning ceiling chandelier designed by Venini in the 1930s with eight lights of fine Italian manufacture.
The chandelier is made entirely of the finest amber-colored Murano glass.
The chandelier has an asymmetrical hourglass structure, from which eight cylindrical tubes converge at the base through a brass frame, which are then the eight arms of which the elegant chandelier is composed.
As can be seen from the photos, the chandelier has great aesthetic taste, so it is ideal in large rooms where design and good taste reign supreme.


Height: 85 cm (33.46 in.)

Width: 88 cm (34.64 in.)

Depth: 60 cm (23.62 in.)


The chandelier is in good and original vintage condition, scratches and wear consistent with its time and use. Brass in patina. No Breaks.

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