Victor Demanet Sculpture “The Archer” in Bronze, Signed 1925


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Beautiful Art Deco bronze sculpture designed by the famous French artist Victor Demanet in 1925, featuring a nude male archer. Superior quality bronze with beautiful greenish bronze patina. SIGNED AND BRANDED.
Belgian sculptor Victor Demanet studied fine arts in Namur before serving in the army. Inspired by a visit to Paris in 1921, he resumed work in sculpture. Demanet mainly produced large sculptures and medals, worked for public and private clients and exhibited internationally. He regularly participated in the Salon des Artistes Français, of which he was a member. Demanet participated in three Olympic Games, those of 1924, 1932 and 1936.
The sculpture immortalizes a dynamic male figure representing strength and power, only a figure like Hercules could impersonate the archer.
The title by which this work is known is in fact ‘Hercules’, signed by Belgian artist Victor Demanet. Demanet is known for these strong, stylized male figures, represented in many other models. This is perhaps the most famous. It was offered in two sizes and this is the larger size. The signature on the base is perfect.
The base on which the demigod rests is an asymmetrical rock on which he sits and spreads his legs so as to find the perfect balance to shoot the arrow. He is in fact depicted in an elongated and rigid position, intent on loading and firing the arrow, which is not visible in the pictures because it has probably already been fired. His face is crucified in a very concentrated expression, with the typical Greek profile that Hercules inherited from Zeus, his father. He is entirely naked, save for a fig leaf that would cover his nudity. An eye for detail, such as muscles, bones, every single vein through which blood pumps. Note the veins on the neck, exposed for exertion.
The statue is perfect, in a very attractive green bronzed patina.
Not to be missed, a unique piece of art.

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Height: 49,5 cm (19.48 in.)

Width: 53 cm (20.86 in.)

Depth: 14,5 cm (5.70 in.)


The statue is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use. Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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