Vintage Double Black and White Vintage Pearl Necklace


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Superb double pearl choker made in the 1980s, fine French craftsmanship.
The necklace is wonderful and elegant.
It is made with 2 strands of black pearls and three white ones, very elegant. Centrally it shows a jewel, the highlight of the necklace: it has the shape of a shell, with rhinestones around it and central black diamonds, simply wonderful.
Surely such a necklace deserves to be put on display: to be used with a gathered hairstyle, even a soft one, and an important neckline, but not necessarily too pronounced.
The necklace is suitable for elegant and important events.




The necklace is in good and original condition, with no rips or wear. Being a VINTAGE garment it is possible that it may have some flaws.

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