Vintage Fabric Sofas in Arabian Style


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Amazing pair of sofas designed in the 1970s, fine Italian manufacture.
The sofas are very special, in fact they have an incredibly charming arabesque shape.
The shape is flared downward, recalling the figure of the trapezoid.
The supporting part is made through 4 bands of shiny black plastic material, fascinating and must particularity. The base is tall and well solid and holds the seat, which is shown with a huge and wide cushion. On the side are the armrests, cylindrical in shape, Arabian style. Over the armrests stretches the fabric, which seems to cover the arms to protect them.
The backrest is a hemisphere, tall and very comfortable. There are also two small round embellishment cushions.
The fabric is dark petrol green, with Arabic ornaments on the light gold and blue colors.
The sofas are ideal for baroque or arabesque areas, worthy of their ecclecticity.


Height: 92 cm (36.22 in.)

Width: 172 cm (67.71 in.)

Depth: 92 cm (36.22 in.)

Seat High: 42 cm (16.53 in.)


The sofas are in very good and original vintage condition, no breaks. A few scratches consistent with years and d use are present. Original fabric.

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