Vintage IKEA stools in black colours, Original Label


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In the silence of bygone times, a trio of timeless treasures has emerged, whispering stories of a bygone era.

Welcome to the enchanting world of vintage IKEA stools, affectionately known as the EDWARD model.

As if frozen in the amber of time, these three stools, two in a light brown and one cloaked in ebony, are more than just furniture; they are echoes of the past, stories etched into the wood. With a keen eye for vintage Swedish design, these stools are living witnesses to an era of simplicity and refined taste. Each seat is a canvas of comfort, delicately carved and caressed by the careful hand of a craftsman who knew that form and function must always dance in harmony.

Running your fingers over the wood, you can almost feel the story woven into the grain, a story that whispers the secrets of countless conversations held on these seats. The legs, meticulously turned, stand as sentinels of aesthetics, each circular ornament a testament to the artistry that reverberated through the hands that shaped them. It’s not just wood; it’s a symphony of texture and pattern, a marriage of nature’s elegance with human ingenuity.

These stools, born entirely of wood, remind us of a time when authenticity and nature’s touch were essential in every piece of the home. Two brown, one black—the trio stands united, each stool a unique entity with stories of its own. The original label, a badge of authenticity, is a thread that connects them to their origins, a bridge that spans decades of design evolution.

They are not just stools; they are whispers from the past, inviting us to be part of their journey. Picture them in a warm room, bathed in the gentle glow of a fireplace, or nestled in a rustic mountain hut, where simplicity is revered, and nature’s touch is a constant companion. Their presence elevates any space, infusing it with the spirit of nostalgia and the comfort of familiar forms, or for those who like a natural style.

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Height: 17.33 in (44 cm)

Diameter: 17.33 in (44 cm)

Seat Height: 16.93 in (43 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. in good original condition, has scratches.

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