Vintage Italian bed, bedside attr. to Ico Pairisi


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In the enchanting embrace of the 1950s, from the hands of a master, Ico Pairisi, emerged a work of art that effortlessly fuses functionality with the poetic essence of design.

Behold the vintage Italian double bed accompanied by its faithful companions, the bedside tables, a symphony attributed to Parisi’s visionary genius. Carved from the very essence of nature, this bed is a testament to the enduring beauty of wood. It is not just a bed, but a narrative woven into its very fibres. The two side bedside tables, like faithful attendants, flank the bed and their souls intertwine with the very being of the bed.

The bedside tables are embedded and connected to the keyboard not only in form but also in purpose, a symbol of unity in design and life.However, it is the headboard that dominates the stage: a platform of possibilities. Above the solid bedside tables is a shelf that stretches the length of the headboard, an altar to store dreams and wishes.

The linear and geometric angles of the bedside cabinet drawers tell a story of precision, a craftsmanship that dances on the edge of creativity and practicality. The drawer is a treasure chest that invites you to store your secrets and aspirations. Looking at the feet, one notices the elegance of pyramid-shaped pedestals, pillars of support and grace. The front feet, adorned with brass plates, speak of grandeur and attention to detail, a nod to opulence in an age of refinement. The lower headboard curves gently to the sides, a tender caress cradling dreams as they unfold.

On the sides of the bedside tables are electrical sockets where you can plug in your own wall lights above the drawers if you wish. The wall lights can be placed above the drawers where there is a metal pin that acts as a support.Geometry becomes emotion, and rigour becomes artistry in this creation. The clean lines, the unwavering angles—they are not mere facets of design; they are conduits of feeling. The bed does not stand as a passive structure, but as a symphony of emotions, notes played out through its form.

But what truly defines this masterpiece is the marriage of ingenuity and elegance—an Italian affair that ignites the spark of imagination. Practicality dances with creative flair, resulting in a harmony that reverberates through the essence of the room. As you recline on this bed, you become a part of its tale, a continuation of the narrative that began decades ago.

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Bed dimensions:

Total H: 91 cm high headboard, total width 321 cm, total bed width 177 cm, mattress interior 171 cm, mattress height 30 cm, small headboard height 40 cm, total depth 213 cm, bed base depth 203 cm.

ps: Wall lights are not present


Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses. In original condition, has minor defects and scratches. The electrical system needs to be redone as it is the original one from the 1950s.

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