Vintage Italian Cabinet in Walnut and Grissinato Wood


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This important cabinet is made by fine Italian manufacture in the ‘50s. It was exhibited at La Permanente Mobili Cantù. The beautiful cabinet is made of fine walnut and grissinato wood: the darker wood is the grissinato and it is used to decorate also four doors. The cabinet has several useful compartments. In the lower part there are two double-door tall storage compartments one of which has a clothes-hanging rail and a shelf above it, and the other has hanging rails, a shelf and four drawers. Both of them have a full-length mirror. Additionally, there are four smaller storage compartments that are still very capacious with shelves and ties hangers. There are also four external drawers with dark elements. Each compartment can be locked, except the external drawers. The alternation of dark and lighter wood and different decoration make this big cabinet very elegant.
This wonderful capacious cabinet would be ideal for bed rooms, giving them a touch of effortless class.


Height: 275 cm (108.27 in.)

Width: 312 cm (122.84 in.)

Depth: 64 cm (25.2 in.)


The cabinet is in good vintage condition. Wear and scratches consistent with use and time. Being a VINTAGE object, it may present little defects. 

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