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Step back in time to the glamorous era of the 1970s with our exquisite Italian sideboard in the captivating Art Deco style.

Technical characteristics of the Italian Art Deco style vintage sideboard

This magnificent piece is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of Italian artisans, showcasing the timeless beauty of elegant wood with its alluring veins gracefully emphasized.

Every inch of this sideboard exudes sophistication and mastery, with elegant geometric lines that harken back to the golden age of Art Deco. Its design pays homage to the opulence and excellence of that extraordinary period, making it a true treasure for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Behold the intricately adorned doors, boasting mesmerizing inlays that add a touch of ethereal charm to this already stunning masterpiece. Running your fingers over the delicate patterns, you’ll be transported to a world of luxury and refinement.

Particularity of the vintage Italian Art Deco style sideboard

Within its six doors lie carefully crafted compartments, providing ample space to store your cherished possessions and cherished memories. Organize your belongings with ease, knowing that style and functionality coexist in perfect harmony within this remarkable sideboard.

The four drawers, graced with truly elegant rhomboid-shaped knobs, invite you to explore their smooth gliding motion. Pull them open to reveal a well-organized interior, offering both practicality and elegance.

The Italian Art Deco style, a magnificent marvellous

This sideboard is not simply a piece of furniture; it is a work of art sculpted with passion and devotion. Its presence in any room is sure to captivate all who behold it, leaving them in awe of its timeless allure.

Transform your space into an oasis of sophistication and elegance with the addition of this Italian Art Deco sideboard. Ideal for upscale and refined environments, it effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room, elevating the ambiance to new heights.

Indulge in the opulence of the past while infusing your surroundings with a sense of nostalgia and grandeur. Immerse yourself in the essence of elegance with our stunning Italian sideboard, crafted to perfection and waiting to grace your home with its timeless beauty.

Complete your living room with this Art Deco sideboard

The Art Deco style read its history


Height: 36.62 in (93 cm)

Width: 85.04 in (216 cm)

Depth: 19.69 in (50 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In excellent condition, it has no damage or breakage, only very slight scratches in some parts.


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